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June 27, 1921 – December 30, 2013

John Dominis passed away peacefully on December 30, 2013. By his side was his partner of more than three decades, artist Evelyn Floret. The renowned photo-journalist passed away at their home following complications from emergency bypass surgery a year earlier.

This website has been set up by Evelyn Floret, at the suggestion of Mike Maple. It is here so that his friends and admirers can sign his guestbook and share their memories of this extraordinary man. He may be remembered through his prolific work, which may be found through the links on the Contributions and Obituaries page(s).

Please use the “Comments” section below, to share your thoughts/post comments about John. The notes posted here prior to his passing were most meaningful to him and those posted now are meaningful to those who were close to him.

John Dominis - The Portrait by Evelyn Floret

John Dominis : Portrait by Evelyn Floret

John was a great inspiration to many in the creative community. If you count yourself among them and care to share a link to your website, John would be proud to offer a link to it from this site. Photos may be manually added in your guestbook message by the administrator if you would please send them as email attachments to Evelyn at “”. Please also use that email address, should you have any other problem posting to this website.

Thank you for your support.


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  • Mike O’B

    Fri, 9 November 2012 15:46:55 +0000

    Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. Hope you turn that corner quickly and are back on your feet!!!

    Best Wishes from South Florida
    Mike O’B

  • David Bernacchi

    Fri, 9 November 2012 15:38:08 +0000

    Hello John,
    David from Milwaukee here with all best wishes and prayers. You had an exhibition at the

    gallery I was a part of and I still cherish the LIFE book you signed for me. I am working on an exhibition of work from Ronald C. Modra now, who you know and was one of my mentors.

    My life is enriched for having met you. Be well soon!!

    David Bernacchi

  • Ellis Vener

    Fri, 9 November 2012 15:29:57 +0000

    Dear Mr. Dominis,

    We’ve never met as far as I know , but when i was very young your photographic work inspired me to pick up a camera for the first time and then keep trying to reach your high standards. Some people say people doesn’t really change what people do and how they act but my mother holds you, Rentmeester, Eisenstadt, Crane, & Morse personally responsible for my not going to law school.

    Thank you for saving me and get well soon,

    Ellis Vener